“Kruck’s is another consumate performance. He veers between fascination and horror” – Courier Mail

“Acute perception and precision” – Jay McKee. Stage Whispers

“Dash Kruck, as the anal-retentive, highly motivated, “professional” Ivan, is disarmingly charming. His comic timing and deadpan delivery provide a stable foundation for the early comedy of the piece.” – XS Entertainment

“The real messiah in this Jesus Christ Superstar is the supremely talented Dash Kruck as the plot’s protagonist, Judas. As anyone who saw him in QTC’s recent season of A Tribute of Sorts can attest, to say he’s versatile is an understatement. Expect to see, hear and read more about this jazz-infused vocalist and accomplished actor. His masterful work in the show’s most challenging role earns him an ‘A’ for annointed.” – Gold Coast Bulletin

“On stage, Dash Kruck totes stole the show for me, with his endearingly cheeky, naughty approach to, well, everything in life. His Broadway moves and his ability to connect with those on stage and off. I’m confident I can recommend you go see anything at all that Dash appears in. This includes his kitchen when he is washing the dishes and IGA when he is doing the grocery shopping. Dash is bound to make any event just as entertaining.” – XS Entertainment.

“Dash Kruck will break your heart as he captures all the subtle nuances of what it is to be 15 and lost in the world” – - ABC

“Kruck has long been one of Brisbane’s most brilliant performers and … delivers a typically hilarious and faultless performance.” – - Matt O’Neil. Australian Stage

“Kruck proves, once again, to be the hardest working actor on stage.” – - Courier Mail

“Ryan’s 14-year-old writer on the cusp of his first bra-removal experience is the bullied Danny, played by Dash Kruck, who is outstanding.”- The Australian

"It’s not easy for a grown man to convince us that he’s a 14-year-old, but Kruck is one of the few actors who can pull it off. But it is his boyish enthusiasm for aeroplanes, the war, and his hero pilots where he does his best work, getting that awkward adolescent mix of crassness and naive innocence to perfection.”– ALISON COTES, Daily Review

"Danny is a whale of a part and was brilliantly performed by Dash Kruck. I always feel that the most difficult role to play as an adult male is that of a teenage boy. It is so easy to make the character sound retarded, but Kruck mastered the role completely and produced the best performance of his career so far. He played the oft-bullied dreamer who escaped into his own world while being punched and kicked by the bully boys. He learned how to start to fly a plane, the Kittyhawk that was flown by his dead brother, without leaving the ground and befriends an American airman after breaking into the US Air Force base." - The

"Dash Kruck excels as the strutting evangelist" - Canberra Times

"Dash Kruck’s larger than life preening preacher is right on the money. His is exactly the kind of televangelist whose outrageously over-the-top pontificating could believably compel Violet to travel 1,000 miles on a bus for a blessing." - Theatrepeople

"Dash Kruck as the doomed Moritz, handled the pain of the character with skill" - Stage Whispers

“The theatre was filled from start to finish with cheers, sighs, laughter, whistles and catcalls: the hallmarks of a successful cabaret show. Afterwards, the audience effervesced out of the theatre, chattering and smiling and giggling to themselves. As they bustled around each other, they couldn’t help but make eye-contact. With already smiling faces, they would catch each other’s grins and add them to their own. Smiles grew brighter, faces happier and it was a bubbly gaggle of people who dispersed back into society that night. To have created such a lasting effect, a happiness the audience will take with them back into their lives, is one of the greatest feats a performer can accomplish.” - Scenestr

“There is plenty of rock-god goodness, from the band, and from Dash Kruck, who almost steals the show with his Greenday-like renditions of the tough Moritz songs. Well known for his comedic roles, Kruck reveals a different, darker side, whilst not missing the opportunities to go after a few giggles.”- XS Entertainment

“Yet, the act to be treasured comes when the ‘mechanicals’ recite their version of ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’, where Francis Flute played by Dash Kruck performs a rendition of a woman so hilarious it had the sold-out crowd in tears. – Stage Diary

“Dash has a legion of fans and he well deserves it.”- Absolute Theatre

“Kruck is an amazing talent on stage”- Theatrepress

Kruck — the dashing love child of Eddie Perfect and James Corden — is marvellous”- Herald Sun