I Might Take My Shirt Off

Lionel is new at this. In fact, he’s working it out as he goes along. Under duress from his terrifying German therapist to ‘express himself’, he has inadvertently found himself in a cabaret. Lionel draws on his limited knowledge of the style and formidable Wikipedia skills to hilariously stumble his way through his hour on stage. By covering sex, booze, boys and mythical beasts, can he find a way to express himself after all?

‘I Might Take My Shirt Off’ is an original cabaret written and performed by Dash Kruck.

Praised by critics and audiences alike, it has already found success in seasons all around the country.

For booking requests or more information, please contact the show's producer, Jai Higgs, by clicking here.


Writer/Performer: Dash Kruck

Original Songs: Dash Kruck and Chris Perren

Director: Emily Gilhome

Producer: Jai Higgs


“As tender and wonder filled as it is funny, and as skillfully built as any headline act… Dash Kruck is an absolute star.” - XS Entertainment

“For a hysterical, yet thoughtful mix of imaginative, unique storytelling and quirky musical showmanship, do your funny bone a favour do not miss “I Might Take My Shirt Off’.” – Blue Curtain


MELT Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse. - February 13-14, 2015

Brisbane Cabaret Festival. - June 11, 2015

Melbourne Cabaret Festival - June 23-28, 2015

A Month of Sundays, Hayes Theatre, Sydney. - September 20-October 11, 2015

Glitter Festival, Gold Coast - October 1, 2015

Adelaide Cabaret Festival - June 23-25, 2016